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Mozilla Thunderbird can help you manage your mail efficiently
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Mozilla Thunderbird can help you not only manage your mail but also connect to various chat servers. Moreover, its functionalities can be expanded by installing add-ons. One of the main advantages of this application is how easy it is to configure mail accounts. More than just that, the program also helps you create a new mail account on any of various e-mail service providers.

If you are familiar with Mozilla Firefox, you will probably find that Thunderbird’s interface is very similar. It has convenient tabs to separate its different functions the same way you use them to browse several web pages at the same time. Moreover, those who have been using Microsoft Outlook for a while are likely to use Thunderbird without much trouble because both applications have very similar ways to handle e-mail messages. The use of different sets of e-mail folders comes in very handy when you are using various mail accounts. Thus, your personal messages will never muddle up with your business mail. Luckily, there are various skins to choose from so you can choose the one you like best.

Mozilla Thunderbird is very secure. It can successfully protect you from unwanted messages thanks to its powerful e-mail filtering engine, which can deduce new rules from your actions. It can also help you surpass message-size limitations by uploading large attachments to a server. Thus, instead of actually receiving the data, the recipient receives links to the online files. In addition, connecting to multiple chat accounts is very easy by simply providing a few data. Unfortunately, Thunderbird’s installer does not include such function as a planner. However, it is available as an add-on.

To sum up, Mozilla Thunderbird is undoubtedly one of the best applications of its kind. Therefore, if you did not use it before, perhaps you should give it a try.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • New functionalities can be added as add-ons
  • It allows using various sets of mail folders
  • It is secure, stable and fast
  • It allows connecting to multiple chat accounts


  • It does not look as streamlined as Google Chrome
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