Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird 52.8

An email client from Firefox developers to manage your mail
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52.8.0 (Se alla)
Manage your emails with numerous powerful features. The tool imports your mail and contacts from your Outlook or Mail account. Offers an easy way to add contacts and detailed info on them to your address book. Filters your mail into separate folders and inboxes, reminds you about forgotten attachments, provides multiple-channel chat for real-time conversations, creates personalized email address easily, and more.
Mozilla Thunderbird är ett open source multi-plattform för e-postklient. Helt enkelt installera din e-postadress i det här programmet en gång, sedan kan du skicka och ta emot e-post utan att skriva din ID och lösenord varje gång. Du kan registrera en personlig e-postadress (t.ex. "" inom Thunderbird själv.
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