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Guest #16615006 — 2 years ago
I switched from Eudora to T-bird several years ago and it was an excellent move. There are only a few deficiencies in T-bird, so it is not quite a 5 star, but a 4.5 for me. My biggest complaint about it is the occasional failure to update the preview pane when I select another email and I must select a different email, then try it again and it always works that way the second time I select it. All my Gmail labels appear as folders in T-Bird and it handles that well. I use it with Gmail, yahoo, GoDaddy, Outlook (Hotmail), and other servers.
Tabasco — 3 years ago
I don't understand why everybody loves it so much. The default Windows 8.1 Mail app is much better. Here the layout isn't comfortable to use and it takes too much time to sync. On Linux I prefer Geary.
Germanutti — 3 years ago
It is the best to manage e-mails without browser connection.
Vojta — 4 years ago
The best free e-mail client. I've been using TheBat previously.
Robin Keller — 4 years ago
The best mail product I've used!
Nik — 6 years ago
It is so complicated to do a single thing like make a filter of a message. You have to through 3 menus.
BullBash — 7 years ago
placebo — 8 years ago
Best mail
BlThunder — 8 years ago
I love Mozilla products :)
John Bolton — 6 years ago
Sundaram — 8 years ago
Free mail program
uchiha itachi — 8 years ago
Guest — 8 years ago
very good
Raptor — 8 years ago
Light and highly customizable email client
jontycampbell — 8 years ago
still needs improvement, like an 'always display remote content' option.
milosh — 8 years ago
great mail client
Guest — 8 years ago
This is the best mail software I have ever used. It's very reliable and comes with lots of add-ons.
titas — 8 years ago
good one
Michael — 8 years ago
amazing outlook lookalike
Guest — 9 years ago
Very good POP3 Programm, better than IncrediMail and Windows Live Mail
ajho — 9 years ago
good one
voidfire — 9 years ago
Can do nothing without it! Recommended for you!
Hector Velarde — 9 years ago
great email client, but still space for improvements
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