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Bjorn I Not many functionalities, but does the job quite well

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kronner Version 3.1.11 on mac g4 os 10.4.11 has just stopped allowing files to be deleted. Can 3.1.20 be downloaded?

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Guest I switched from Eudora to T-bird several years ago and it was an excellent move. There are only a few deficiencies in T-bird, so it is not quite a 5 star, but a 4.5 for me. My biggest complaint about it is the occasional failure to update the preview pane when I select another email and I must select a different email, then try it again and it always works that way the second time I select it. All my Gmail labels appear as folders in T-Bird and it handles that well. I use it with Gmail, yahoo, GoDaddy, Outlook (Hotmail), and other servers.

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Guest I am currently on 31.3.0, and I have noticed some problematic changes.

I have several accounts configured, with one of them as default. That one corresponds to a email forwarder. It forwards all incoming email to an account on my cable provider. So I have things set so that the mail from this account goes to the SMTP outbound address of the provider, but the mail is received at the pop account of the account on the cable provider.

When I click 'Write' to start a new message, it defaults to my default account. But when I click 'Reply' on a received message (sent to my default address, but received on the cable provider account), then the account for the reply is set to my cable provider account, not my default. (Even though that message had indeed been sent to by default (forwarding) account.

It did not always work this way. It is incredibly annoying. I virtually *never* want my outgoing mail to show that it is from my cable provider account.

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Tabasco I don't understand why everybody loves it so much. The default Windows 8.1 Mail app is much better. Here the layout isn't comfortable to use and it takes too much time to sync. On Linux I prefer Geary.

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Germanutti It is the best to manage e-mails without browser connection.

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Vojta The best free e-mail client. I've been using TheBat previously.

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Robin Keller The best mail product I've used!

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Odyssey Awesome Utility! It makes e-mailing easy!

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TerryMcKenzie Since 17.11.12 I have been unable to send/receive emails via Thunderbird, which I have used for years. I can use Internet via Firefox.
I use Bigpond as my ISP and they have confirmed my password. I can see my e-mails on Myinbox & read them. When I ask T/bird to 'Get All Mail'
I get a response '' responded: invalid user name or password.

This keeps happening despite Bigpond confirming my e-mail password via my Mob on 26.11.12.
I have sent the same message to Bigpond, but no reply to date.

I am 78 years old and have used a desktop for 12 years, but haven't encountered this problem before. I have got lost trying to wade thro' Help articles.
I believe my setting are correct, however, its possible I have overlooked something?

But is it possible there is a glitch with Thunderbird2.0.0.22 or Bigpond?

I don't want to rate your program, as it has worked perfectly for me up to now!!

Thanks, Terry McKenzie.

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John Bolton Faultless

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Nik It is so complicated to do a single thing like make a filter of a message. You have to through 3 menus.

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BullBash Super

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syed my voice2clear card is not working,I have balance in my card. smile

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Paul Howley I have it set up a may be a little but it works well my HP COMPAQ Presario
A-Wireless Net Duel Band Linksys WUSB600N Adapter to C-Netgear WGR614v9
B-Wireless Net Atheros AR5007 Adapter on board WiFi to C-Netgear WGR614v9
wireless router connects to D-a Belkin_N _A12200 which connects to the internet.

There are three more computers that connect the same two (2) Toshiba Lap-tops and one (1) Dell desktop. There are very few lost signals.

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